Discover the new LTForm Catalogue 2021

We are proud to announce the launch of the new LTForm Catalogue 2021!

Over the past year we have been committed to the renewal of our seating collection with new models designed to always guarantee the quality and safety of our products, adapting them to any space requirement; from the office, smart places, up to home interiors.

The new catalogue includes 50 original collections ranging from the most technical operative chairs, to the most versatile armchairs, up to the elegant systems that furnish reception and community areas.

Together with the Catalogue, the new Fabric and upholstery folders are also available to customise your seating with style and elegance.

Discover all the items in the Seating collection on the website..

Click here to browse the Catalogue 2021 and the Fabrics folders.

Nuovo catalogo LTForm 2021