LTForm: furniture for office, contract and conference chairs

In its lines of office furniture, contract furniture and in its conference chairs, LTForm carries out a complete control of the product including the various stages of the padding, made by gluing the foam on curved wooden supports and performing the sewing process on foamed or polyurethane. These steps always require a high manual care in the finishing, only by doing so the product is always beautiful, comfortable, perfect and long-lasting, ready to intensely express itself in operative and social spaces.

Contract Furniture | Office Furniture

The value of the team

We are first of all a company made of passionate and expert people who get along well. Even though we fully employ the most advanced manufacturing technologies, we are proud to still consider the handcraft talent as very important. Furthermore, thanks to a skilled team and to an internal R&D Department, we are capable of developing original products, innovative solution and customised projects.

Contract Furniture | Office Furniture | Conference Armchairs

The quality is in the suit, even tailored

Our handcraft ability express itself primarily through the attention to upholsteries which are all made inside our laboratory, from the cut to the stitching including every finishing detail and the customisation for our client. We choose the upholstery materials for our chairs with true passion. From high quality classical fabric to the most original and technical ones and from leather to eco-leather solutions, always with the most attention to trend and colour styles.

Contract Furniture | Conference Armchairs | Office Furniture
Contract Furniture | Office Furniture | Conference Armchairs

Iron and wood

All iron parts are internally manufactured and processed: we manufacture the frames for armchairs, chairs, tables and other structures. The painting also takes place internally with a modern epoxy powder painting machinery.

Wooden parts manufacturing for Conference Series armchairs and sofas is carried out employing advanced technologies, optimising the process and obtaining this way high performance products. We work together with Cosmos and Catas which are specialized quality authorities in the industry of wooden furniture.

More specificity, more service

Our idea of customer service is based on closeness, listening and cooperation aimed to custom planning in order to realize custom answers. Our productive structure, flexible and complete, together with our internal design studio allow us to answer to many different needs.

Office Furniture |Contract Furniture | Conference Armchairs