The stategic Web Marketing: SOWebing, the web becomes valuable

The website has been realized by the SOWebing project, a cooperation between Hosting Virtuale srl, web hosting expert, and Spinosi Marketing Strategies, specialized in strategic web marketing and lateral marketing. SOWebing is a web set of modular solutions, that transforms both operative and communication digital instruments (web site, social media, cloud, etc) from showcase to attractive elements for potential customers, as managed in a specific business strategy. With SOWebing a company grows into the web using the most innovative solutions (cloud, ecommerce, social media, etc.), in line with the development of its organizational, commercial and business culture. SOWebing is a developmental path for the customers to obtain web and marketing solutions with the high specialization of its suppliers. The SOWebing services are:

  • Web Site: on CMS Open Source, safe and constantly in evolution, it guarantees the best of graphic and content personalizations. Graphically developed on unique and exclusive templates that optimize the esteem of the business brand, and in the meantime it is compliant with the most modern standards about usability. The well-finished contents for better expressing the Position of the customer and its business purposes are under the updated SEO rules, to promote the natural indexing by the main Search Engines;
  • Business models: analysis, definition and planning of the Business Model where you will position the set of web services to active and/or activated to manage the efficacy; this activity is proposed with the BMC methodology (Business Model Canvas), and so based on Visual Management instruments to be implemented through an “iterative” and “agile” logic, as internal process of the company.
  • “Content Management” updating system: it’s the constant update of the textual and graphical contents of the web site, depending on the business needs of the company.
  • Social Media Marketing: to reach the target of amplifying the “Brand Awareness” or to obtain new potential clients and online visitors.
  • Hosting and Cloud: online storage solutions for always available data, with high standard security to avoid every hardware problem.
  • Adwords campaign: to realize sale strategies and specific business targets, an advertising web campaign can not be separated by a good Google Adwords planning.
  • SEO/SERP Indexing and Position on search engines: to make your web site easily traceable for the keywords and the most important images of your business and to improve the profit of the Adwords campaign.
  • Direct email marketing and Newsletter: to look after all your customers and develop promotional campaigns for inbound marketing activities.
  • Reporting and results measurements: to verify, check and value the efficacy of the started actions and of the acquired services through the processing of specific indexes (KPI, ROI, Analytics)
  • Formation: to form new operative roles in sales, for management and marketing checking inside the company. Furthermore, to have a formation based on practical experience, to make the staff immediately productive.

SOWebing, the web becomes valuable!