The decor trends of summer

With summer just around the corner, even in the world of interior design we are seeing the reconfirmation of trends already started at the beginning of the year and in the spring, both in private and work environments. Furniture this year will give great space to increasingly personal and cozy environments, see many natural references with materials such as wood and soft shapes.

Let's find out together in detail the main decor trends that will accompany us this summer.

Pastel colors

Decor colors for summer 2023 will be soft and pastel. Hues of pink, apricot, lilac, yellow, light blue and light green will be among the most popular choices, perhaps paired with the more intense viva magenta, the pantone color of the year. These colors, in fact, offer a fresh and cheerful feel that can be flaunted during the warm seasons. They are also easy to incorporate into more eye-catching furnishings such as armchairs, chairs and sofas but can also be exploited by playing with details, for example in some eye-catching accessories.

Natural textures

Once again this summer, fabrics will play a central role in interior design. In particular, we will often see the use of natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton and jute, which offer a fresh and light feel. These natural fabrics are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. When paired with neutral colors such as white, cream, ivory and beige they create a perfectly harmonious natural palette.

Less is more

The minimal style will return again this summer, with furniture with essential and sober lines, large spaces, few things, but functional. The colors of this style are also kept to a minimum: black and white and different shades of gray. However, it gives the opportunity to dare with more striking decorative accessories, such as colored blown glass vases or modern candelabras with sculptural shapes.

Soft shapes and refined patterns

Regular geometries will give way to curvy, soft lines and undulating patterns, from armchairs and sofas to mirrors, picture frames, rugs and coffee tables. Armchairs and sofas will become more enveloping and comfortable, and together with other furnishings will give any room a vintage 70s effect. Speaking of motifs, this summer we will also increasingly see unusual and striking patterns such as optical patterns, the timeless stripes and checks or unconventional floral motifs, such as embossed or retro.

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